Case study 1

Can we enter Europe only by our own products in the pipeline?

To enter the European market successfully, the company has to have a launch product that they can afford to launch themselves, i.e., not overly resource intensive – typically a rare disease or specialist product, with a strong clinical value proposition vs an alternative in the clinical practice. So, a well-informed opportunity assessment of the first candidate drug is the starting point for a successful market entry strategy.


Pharmaceutical company A is developing two compounds (Phase 2). We hired a consultant to investigate whether only these two product candidates could enter Europe. We heard the opinions of 20 opinion doctors, insurance reimbursement, regulatory affairs, marketing experts, identified data packages necessary for maximising product value, and made use of it in the development plan. Also, in order to improve the efficiency of sales, we set up a strategy to build a sales network dedicated to hospitals. As a result, the criteria for decision-making for entry into Europe have been clarified. Development was completed, and entry into Europe succeeded.