Consulting services and case studies

Common consulting themes -click on ‘Case’ to read case studies of typical client challenges and resolutions


  • European entry strategy (Case 1, Case 2Case 4)
  • Japan market entry strategy (Case 18)
  • Product opportunity assessment integrating commercial, regulatory and market access (pricing and reimbursement) insights (Case 5)
  • Designing a road map for creating and building a competitive organisation in Europe (Case 16)
  • Building a Japan business launch plan (Case 21)
  • Rapid formation of core executive team for market entry (Case 7)
  • European affiliate structure and supply chain design (Case 17)
  • Management of critical business roadblocks (e.g., regulatory issue, market access challenges, recruitment difficulties, leadership gap)
  • Product portfolio strategy including in-licensing, out-licensing, and partnerships
  • R&D alliance with European academia and ventures
  • Product marketing strategy
  • Cross-regional collaboration across Europe, North America and Asia (Case 13)
  • European HQs location and geographic management strategy (Case 15)
  • Business and organisation assessment on behalf of investors or global HQs
  • R&D venture creation and funding (Case 19)
  • Open collaboration with leading academic institutions (Case 20)


Therapeutic areas with significant experience


  • Oncology (including immuno-oncology)
  • Immunology (including vaccines)
  • Infectious disease
  • Women’s health
  • Pain and CNS
  • Endocrinology
  • Metabolic diseases
  • GI