How are you different from other consultant firms?

In terms of quality, we maintain the level similar to any of the leading consulting firms

However, we are unique in several important ways:

  • Our Takashi only works with consultants who he feels are dedicated to client service and maintains highest level of client interest focus as well as quality.
  • Our clients work with experienced independent consultants who we select and propose.
  • These consultants are experienced independent consultants and experts in their own domain.
  • All of our consultants including managing partners work with client staff directly and on an on-going basis, resolving issues and building skills in a timely manner.
  • We invite our clients to work directly with subject matter experts and authorities, including clinicians that are in our network.

Do you work internationally? What is your geographic coverage?

We cover the European countries for the moment. We have particularly strong network in the UK, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

How do you start working with a client?

We are practical and flexible in terms of how we work with our clients, as long as we can agree on the objective and form of the collaboration where we can make strong contributions.

We understand that business needs change unexpectedly and we can accommodate changes to our engagement

We do not require contract. Typically, a service order is sufficient for us. We will work within the pre-agreed budget.

Engagement can start quickly after discussing and agreeing on the terms of engagement.

What happens if a client is not satisfied with the support

We work closely with our clients and ask for feedback on an ongoing basis. If a client is not satisfied with our service, we will take necessary measures immediately.

In the unlikely event of the issue not resolved, the client is free to terminate the service with a one week notice

What is your fee level? How do you charge?

Our rates are less than half of typical fee rates in large consulting companies while we maintain highest bar in terms of quality of our support. This is possible since we have almost no overhead and we believe in making only modest margin in view of providing good value for our clients.

We agree on the amount of the time and budget required every month and stick to it